1.      Is American High School (AHS) accredited?

a.      American High School is fully accredited through AdvancED/ SACS/CASI, a national accreditation agency recognized by the US Department of Education.

2.      What do the icons on the Dashboard mean?

a.      For a detailed view of the dashboard icons, please click on the link below:

3.       How do I upload Assignments or Essays?

a.      Create a folder on your hard drive for each assigned class.

b.      Save all related documents in each applicable folder in any of the following formats:  .pdf (Adobe Reader), .doc (Word 97--2003), .xls (Excel 97-2003), .txt (Plain Text) or .rtf (Rich Text).

c.       We do NOT accept the following formats:  .docx or .xlsx.

d.      In the Assignment or Essay module, click the Browse button.  Locate the file on your hard drive and Select it.  Then click Open.  This will populate your file into the Browse window. 

e.      Click Submit to upload your assessment.

f.        For a more detailed view of how to upload your documents, please click on the link below.

4.      Is it OK to send my Assignments and Essays to my teacher through the Message Center?

a.      No.  All Assignments and Essays must be submitted from the Assignment/Essay pages in the course.

5.      When do I start my courses?

a.      As soon as you have received a Welcome Call from AHS and are assigned your classes.

6.      What is the schedule for completing courses?

a.      AHS is an “at your pace” online educational facility.  The parent and student are expected to come up with a suitable schedule that will work best with the students’ needs.

b.      Some students learn best when they study one course at a time.

c.       Some students learn best when they study all courses spread out over the course of the week.

d.      If you need assistance determining the best “pace” for the student, please contact the Student Counselors.

7.      Can I ask my teacher for help with Test questions?

a.      No.  The teacher can assist you with the foundation necessary to understand the test questions; however, please refrain from asking for assistance with test questions.

8.      Is there a graduation ceremony at AHS?

a.      No.  Unfortunately, with a virtual school, that would be a difficult task.  However, upon successful completion of your 12th grade year, you will be awarded a diploma along with a graduation cap and tassel in the school colors.

9.      Am I required to take any of these placement tests:  PSAT / SAT / ACT.

a.      No. AHS does not require these tests but colleges and universities do. We strongly encourage all of our students that are planning to attend a four year college to take these tests.  College and university applications require the scores of an SAT or ACT.

b.      Several reminders are sent through the year to inform you of all test dates so that you do not miss these testing exam(s) dates.

10.  How do I contact my teacher?

a.      You can contact your teacher via the Message Center.

b.      Attend an online Chat Session.

c.       If you have not received a response from your teacher within 48 hours, please contact your Student Counselor immediately.   DO NOT wait a week or two before you contact us, which could lead to some frustration on your part.

d.      If you have Teacher Support, you can contact your Teacher via Skype.  Please contact your Student Counselor if you have any questions regarding Skype.

11.  Are the Student Counselors available 24/7 like the online courses?

a.      No.  At this time, office hours are from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. 

12.  I made a 0% on my test.  How did that happen?

a.      Please make sure that you SAVE each answer on your test.

b.      Please review the instructions on the first test question.  It states that you must click the yellow button before you move on to the next questions.

c.       If you do not save each answer, than you will not get an accurate score.

d.      If this has happened to you, please contact your Student Counselor so that they may re-open the assessment for you in order to re-take the assessment.

13.  How much time should I spending on my classes?

a.      On average, a student should be logging in about 15-20 hours per week. It is up to the parent and the student to come up with a weekly schedule for these school hours. If you need assistance on how to develop such a schedule, contact your Student Counselor. She will help develop a schedule that best fits your child’s needs.





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