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  When you want only the very best for your children, starting with a world class education, American High School is designed for you.

American High School includes grades 6 through 12 and leads to successfully earning a fully accredited high school diploma.  Parents and students may choose one or more grade levels according to the previous credits that have been earned from a previous high school or home school.  Click on the "Courses" link above to see a sample of courses for each grade level.  Please be advised this is only a sample. After your advisor evaluates your previous high school transcript or middle school report card, an individualized academic program will be developed for your specific needs.  American High School will request your previous high school transcript.  

In order to graduate students must demonstrate that they have successfully completed 24 courses that equal 24 credits (this may be a combination of credits earned from a previous high school and credits earned at American High School). A final exit exam is not required.  Once all academic and financial requirements have been completed the student will earn their fully accredited high school diploma.

An ideal combination of academic learning and strong values makes American High School the right choice for you and your family.

The American High School experience begins with academics.
American High School is fully accredited with AdvancED and SACS
Learning is mastery and project based, and the curriculum changes to reflect the latest best practices in education, so your child receives a solid grounding in math, language arts, science and social studies.
We not only challenge the mind – we nurture the soul.
The course of study for Grades 6-12 curriculum is rich in multimedia, video, audio, PowerPoint presentations, text and flash based movies and interactivity.

Hear what our parents have to say...

Why Choose us?
High-quality curriculum.
Offer a full range of subjects and electives.
Instructors are certified in their disciplines.
Free SAT Test Prep course for all students.
High level of parental control with full access to the students progress reports, grades, attendance and teachers.
Best of all is that you can pay as you go. 

What's included?

Unlimited Courses (General, Honors, and Career)
FREE 7 Day Trial
FREE SAT Test Prep Course
Over 200 web based courses to choose from (AP and Dual Credit may be extra)
(300 with our adult learning classes)
Full Record Keeping and Transcripts
Low Monthly Tuition Subscription
Most Affordable option available

We are committed to delivering quality instruction in a technologically-rich environment. We have put together a robust curriculum and learning resources necessary to ensure that all of our students receive the very best education.

In addition to our complete yearly programs, we also offer individual courses for Summer School, Credit Recovery, and Makeup Credits.  Our Individual Course Program allows parents and students to choose one or more individual courses for credit recovery or self-improvement. Our individual courses are completed online and are designed primarily for students who are currently enrolled in an attendance-based high school and need to complete one or more courses with American High School to transfer the credit earned to their local high school.

American High School has successfully met the requirements established by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission and Board of Trustees and IS ACCREDITED by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).   SACS CASI is a regional accrediting agency that IS RECOGNIZED by the U.S. Department of Education.

When a high school diploma graduate applies for college admissions and financial aid, colleges are required to check the validity of the high school diploma that the high school graduate has earned.  The vast majority of colleges will ONLY recognize a high school diploma that is earned from a high school that is accredited by an agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. For this reason, checking a school’s accreditation is the most important step to choosing the best online school for you.

American High School delivers accredited, college preparatory and career-based online education for Grades 6-12 to students throughout the U.S. and Internationally. Students receive both core curriculum and elective courses in desirable career fields such as: healthcare, game design, criminal justice, information technology, and management.

American High School is regionally accredited by AdvancED and SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools). HOWEVER, the receiving attendance-based high school has their own transfer credit policy and has the right to accept or deny any credit earned at another high school. For this reason, American High School recommends that you first confirm with your attendance-based high school that they allow you to take courses online and allow you to transfer credits earned at American High School which is SACS accredited. It is your responsibility to determine the acceptability of transfer credits earned at American High School prior to enrollment.


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